About us

Company Gallson s.r.o. has been focusing mainly on:
  1. Export of branded food to EU countries from international companies, which are leaders on food markets all over the world.
  2. Import of branded food to Slovakia.
  3. Exclusive distribution of selected food/non-food products from foreign and also domestic producers.

The company aim is to provide the best services to our customers on all European markets, to support responsible and ethical suppliers/producers and of course to create working opportunities for people from this region and to create/provide excellent working and other conditions in exchange for excellent services providing to our customers.

A customer is not king, but Caesar in our company.
A customer is a basic point of our company team and all activities of our company Gallson s.r.o.
A client receives the maximum service based on personal approach, extraordinary quality products during unlimited time for the lowest possible price on a market and by the quickest way.

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