Every entrepreneur wants to sell their products to satisfy customers’ needs (usually the ones they didn’t even realize they had). To be able to do that, they need to have a good salesperson in their team. How to choose the best candidate for the sales position that will become the best sales representative? Our 5+1 tips on what to look for at the interview will make it clear.

1.  Irresistible body language and charisma

When your candidate is speaking, observe his body language as well. A simple smile says a lot, as well as charisma. A charming sales representative creates a good first impression that opens the door to close a deal.

2.  Choose a candidate that is client-focused and empathetic

A good sales rep always wants to satisfy the client’s needs and listens to them. In the interview, you can ask the candidate to give you a sales pitch and then observe if they ask a lot of questions before coming up with a solution that fits your needs.

3.  Excellent communication skills are the key

Every good salesperson needs to have excellent verbal and networking skills. A sales guru recommends telling the candidate that he was nice but didn’t appear to be a superstar and watch if the candidate crumbles. A real salesperson never crumbles.

4.  The best sales rep is resilient and has the “never-give-up“ mentality

Not every day is a holiday. A good sales rep knows that. He keeps his spirit high also during slow days, and always tries to find innovative solutions. Ask him for situations when he remained optimistic, and everyone else already gave up.

5.  Tenacity and sense for urgency is the middle name of the best salesperson

A good salesperson never waits for customers to come to him. He knows every minute extra is a waste but still understands the perfect timing. Ask the candidate to provide examples when they used the time to their advantage. You can ask about their daily routine and how they split their daytime.

   +1 The candidate for a sales position is hungry for numbers

A born sales rep is hungry for good sales numbers and has a strong desire to be the best. Simple said, he should be competitive from nature. Ask, how he strives to be the best sales rep possible.

At the end of the day, the best sales representative has to have a true passion for his work and company, no matter if it’s retail or wholesale. Usually, he is the no. 1 cheerleader for his company and coworkers.